DLJ Batching System
for Water Meters with Contact Head Registers

Batch Controller FBC 6001
DLJ50C 1/2"
Solenoid Valve

Our batcher is equipped with an FBC6001 single counter controller. Available optionally with 1,2,3 or 4 Control Units (Timers or Counters). The Batch Controller can be used with any of our meters that incorporate contact head registers (pulse switches). Contact Head Meters are available on meters in sizes from 1/2" DLJ50C up to 12" DLJ1200TC Turbine Meters. Our standard pulse rates are 1 gallon per contact switch closure up to 1" meter size, 10 gpc on 1-1/2 and 2", 100 gpc on 2-1/2 and 3", 1000 gpc on sizes 4" and up.. Also available in many different gallons per contact up to 1000 gallons per contact and down to 200 contacts per gallon in the small sizes, contact us via e-mail  for specs or to help you select the proper system or call 800-654-3733, we are happy to get your call. We can save you money on your next batching system as well with our competitive pricing policy.

Operation as a Batch Controller:
Provides a means for automatically measuring the amount of water for a desired batch, and an actuating signal for the batch processing equipment to shut off the flow after the preset volume has passed through the meter. Eliminates the need for manual measurement and assures proper mixing each time in the desired amount. Includes a Predetermining Counter which works in conjunction with an electric contacting meter as illustrated above to measure the amount of water to be added to the batch. Features a batch start button which opens a valve or turns on a pump to start the batch. When the desired amount of water is used, the controller automatically turns the pump off or closes the valve completing the batch The amount of water added can be easily varied as needed or left the same for the next batch.

The redesigned cabinet offers these important advantages: NEMA-12: dust-proof,waterproof and corrosion proof housing. Easier connection to the meter and devices you are controlling. Capacity for up to four control units and automatic solenoid shutoff valves.

Typical System:
A typical system includes the electric contacting meter, the desired number of Timers and/or Counters in the Control Cabinet and the devices which you wish to control. This is most often a normally closed "soft closing" solenoid valve. The controller can also be used in conjunction with a water softener, chemical feed pump to cooling towers or boilers, or auxiliary equipment such as an alarm bell or light. Above meters available in hot and cold models up to 350 degrees F and 250 psi. Meters also referred to as chemical feed meters

Order Information:
Please order by Model Number and Size. The Model Number is "Batcher", the size is the line size, for example 3/4", 1", etc. Please also indicate whether you want with solenoid valve or without. Please e-mail or call with this information and we will be happy to quote you. Our prices are below the competition as we don't add in an engineering fee.

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