DLJ  Water Meters with Contact Head Registers (Pulse Switches)

DLJ50C 5/8x1/2" with 1  GPC Pulse OutputDLJ400THC with 1000GPC Pulse SwitchDLJSJ50C Compact Meter With Pulse Switch

Contact Rating: 4 Watt
Max Voltage: 24 VDC
Max Current:
0.01 A
Max Contact Resistance:
0.2 ohm
0.2 pF
The reed switch is normally open and closes momentarily. The open position is illustrated here. Please note that the pulse duration is dependent on the flow rate


Uses of contact switches on register:
remote LCD counters, remote submetering, batch controllers, data acquisition (SCADA), dataloggers, control systems for chemical dispensing, pumps, water use analysis and many other applications
The reed contact switch is simple and reliable, often referred to as  a magnetic switch as the dial shaft or internal gear rotates a magnet which in turn opens and closes a magnetic reed switch
Contact Head Meters are available in sizes from 1/2" Model DLJSJ50C to 12" Model DLJ1200TC Turbine Meters
We offer pulsers on all our meters: C700, Turbine, Multi-Jet, Single Jet, Oil Meters, Hot Water Meters and others


Standard DLJ Meter Pulse Rates

1 Gallon Per Contact (GPC)
10 Gallons Per Contact (GPC)
100 Gallons Per Contact (GPC)
1000 Gallons Per Contact (GPC)
DLJ150C, DLJ200C
DLJ400TC - DLJ1200TC

Specs on the LCD Remotes
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