DLJ Hose Bibb (Sill Cock) Water Meters
With Garden Hose Thread Inlet & Outlet


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In many towns you can deduct your garden, irrigation or pool water usage to reduce your sewer charge on your water bill. This alone will pay for the water meter in less than 30 days in most cases. Contact your town or water company, our meter is approved by most of them
Total registration on the water meter dial is up to 10 million gallons, but the meter will last much longer than that.This meter is quality constructed of nickel plated waterworks bronze according to ISO 4064 standards for accuracy, quality and length of service life.
It is a low cost item that will also pay for itself in money saved due to water conservation, electric water pumping costs and reduced strain on your septic system from increased awareness of usage.
This water meter conforms to or exceeds all published US and European accuracy standards and will reliably detect usage down to a hundreth of a gallon.
This water meter features an easy-to-read odometer type reading in single gallons (down to the tenth) and an additional rotary dial with a sweep hand reading one tenth of a gallon per revolution with graduations down to 1/100 of a gallon (1.28 fl oz). There is also a spinning trickle indicator showing if there is any flow at all to detect leaks.
It is also available in a hot water model up to 194 degrees F and with a contact microswitch on the register for remote registration and data acquisition. Please ask about these options when calling or emailing.
With this meter, you can take all the guess work out of delivering the right amount of liquid fertilizer to all of your plantings. Now you know exactly how much water each plant gets and you can prevent root rot and other infestations before they take hold in your garden.
This is ideal for protecting your expensive koi pond investments. Know exactly how much water you are adding with your chemicals and keep your fish healthy and your pond clear.

The price on the cold water model with garden hose swivel adaptors is $79.95
Shipping is $14.00 for the first meter, $5 each additional meter to anywhere in the continental USA
The 12" high pressure hose for the inlet side is an additional $18.95 if you would like
(ideal for tight installations behind washing machines).

Click here for an illustrated reading chart of the DLJSJ Hose Bibb Meter
and installation instructions

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