Components Required To Install Meters


Presented below are parts required for water meter installations. Depending on size of meter and configuration of ends different parts are required. Thread end meters require couplings as below incorporating a gasket between the meter and and the connector.This is because the ends are a non-tapered mechanical thread, not a tapered pipe thread. We stock various cut-in adaptors to install meters on different pipes.Please see links to adaptors & waterworks-supply.com on links page for these items. Flanged end meters 1-1/2" & 2" require flanges as below which have a style unique to water meters and have female pipe thread for connection to the pipe or tubing in which the meter is being installed. Flanged meters 3" & up use standard 125lb drilled flanges.



Water Meter Couplings - Straight and 90 Degree - 1/2 inch to 2 inch

Meter Coupling Gaskets - Available in Rubber,Leather or Fiber - 1/2 to 2

Water Meter Flanges For 1-1/2 & 2 inch Flanged Meters

Water Meter Flange Gaskets- Drop-In & Full Face Styles - Meters to 24 inch

Bolts & Nuts for Flange Meter Installations

Uni-Flange For Flange Meters 3 inch to 24 inch

Ball Valve With Lockwing For Padlocks 1/2 inch to 2 inch

OS&Y Gate Valves For Large Meter Installations - 3 inch to 24 inch
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