245 Redi-Clamp

From the company that pioneered the flexible stainless steel pipe repair clamp in 1957

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DLJ 220 Stainless Steel Pipe Repair Clamps

245 Redi-ClampDLJ 220 Stainless Steel Pipe Repair Clamps have provided for over 40 years a fast, economical means of repair for pin holes, punctures or splits in pipes. Innovative design, extensive testing and state-of-the-art manufacturing combine to produce our 220 Pipe Repair Clamps  with high performance characteristics.The gaskets have a smooth surface covering almost 360 degrees that will conform to irregularities on the pipe surface and provide a superior sealing ability on rough or pitted areas.The bands are stainless steel, selected to meet the exacting requirements of corrosion resistance, flexibility and strength.The lugs are precision cast ductile iron with a contoured surface to equalize clamping pressure around the pipe. The lug design includes a drop-in bolt feature that eliminates loose parts, saves time and aids installation under adverse conditions. Drop-In Carbon steel bolts are electro-galvanized with di-chromate seal to resist corrosion and have a generous shoulder that insures a positive fit in the open slot to secure against turning during maximum tightening. This is the clamp used by the US Navy for over 40 years for shipboard damage control. The rubber is only part of the circumference, not for 360 degree sealing. For full circumference sealing see 226 Stainless Steel Pipe Repair Clamp directly below or the new model 244. In stock up to 12" pipe size for immediate shipment, up to 36" pipe size on special order.

Link to DLJ 220 Pipe Repair Clamps Specifications, Model Numbers and Ordering Information



  DLJ 226 Stainless Steel Pipe Repair Clamps

Full Seal Pipe Repair Clamps are flexible stainless steel repair clamps consisting of one or more stainless steel band sections to which cast lugs are securely attached to accommodate drop in  bolts and nuts for the purpose of mounting the clamp on pipe. It has a full encirclement tapered, over-lapping, gridded gasket with a flush mounted, bonded-in stainless steel bridge plate to span the band opening between the lugs provide a full circumferential seal on the pipe. Fast, Easy and Permanent, usually outlasts the pipe on which it is installed. A Full Seal Pipe Repair Clamp is fast and simple to install, and requires no special tools. The clamp is wrapped around the pipe, properly positioned over the area to be repaired or connected, and the bolts tightened. This compacts the rubber gasket tightly against the full circumference of the pipe wall forming a leak resistant seal. A Full Seal Pipe Repair Clamp can be installed under pressure by assembling next to the break loosely, slide over the break or hole and tightened. The  Full Seal Pipe Repair Clamp method of pipe repair is a quick, long-lasting, economical solution to pipe repair problems.

226 Single Panel Ductile Iron Lug
Material Specifications
PANEL: Stainless steel type 304 per ASTM A 240 
GASKET: Type SBR 1/4" thick gasket per ASTM D 2000
Compounded for water and sewer service 
LUGS: Ductile Iron per ASTM A 536 
BRIDGE PLATE:  Stainless steel type 304 per ASTM A 240 
BOLTS & NUTS:  High strength, low alloy steel per ASTM A 242 and AWWA C111. 
TEMP. RATING: -40 F to 180 F 

The Full Seal Pipe Repair Clamp method means:

Link to DLJ 226 Pipe Repair Clamps Specifications, Model Numbers and Ordering Information


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