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Kent / AMCO Meter is your full line water meter and oil meter supplier, from 5/8x1/2" to 20" and everything in between. And that means positive displacement, magnetic turbines and compound meters, fire hydrant meters, fire service meter assemblies, water meter pulsers, batch controllers, remotes, hot water meters, resettable meters, multi-jet meters, industrial turbine water meters, stainless steel meters, flow rate/totalizer indicators, 4-20mA signal outputs, electronic registers, remote counters, z plate strainers and many more products for measurement and control of fluids including water and oil.

Kent / AMCO meters up to 2" are C700 AWWA Positive Displacement, oscillating piston meters, a tried and true design in the waterworks industry. Visual Remote meters are in our stock and available for immediate shipment. You will be pleased with our low prices.

Throughout the Kent / AMCO line you will find large, easy to read registers, hermetically sealed and nitrogen filled to resist fogging. Available in both direct read and visual remote styles to suit your application. Scancoder is also available to adapt to automatic meter reading systems. Leak detector trickle indicator is fixed to the center spindle to show even the smallest flow so you can show your customers the presence of a leak.

Positive Displacement Meters 1/2" to 2" Turbine Meters 1 1/2" -  12" Hot Water Meters 3/4" - 6"
SS 316 Meters 1/2" - 2"Electronic Accesories

Water Meters Available In:

  • Oscillating Piston, Positive Displacement
  • Turbine
  • Compound 
  • Fire Hydrant Meters
  • Straight Reading, Visual Remotes and Pulse Output

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