DLJ Epoxy Coated Bronze Water Meters
Reliable, Accurate, Dependable
And Reasonably Priced

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The ideal water meter for submetering, leak detection and low flow monitoring
The sweep hand indicates usage down to 1/10 of a gallon
There is a trickle leak indicator on the dial to indicate any flow at all
All of our meters are epoxy coated and include couplings at no extra charge

DLJ50C 5/8 x 1/2 Meter With 1 Gallon Per Contact Register DLJ50 5/8x1/2 Water Meter DLJ7575 3/4x3/4 Meter DLJ100 1" Water Meter
1-1/2 DLJ150 Meter With 1-1/2 NPT Couplings
1 1/2 Inch DLJ150 Meter With Couplings Installed
2 Inch DLJ200 Meter With 2 Inch NPT Couplings
Easy To Read Odometer Type Dial
Large Easy to Read Dial With 10 Gallon Sweep Hand Graduated In 1/10 Gallon

DLJ Multi-Jet Water Meter Features: International Standard ISO 4064 Spec
Accuracy  within 1-1/2% - Proven Multi-Jet Water Meter Design
Dry Dial won't discolor or fade- hermetically sealed from the elements
Tempered Glass Lens for continued readability
Magnetic Drive - water is sealed from entering register
Large Pointer on Dial for indication by 1/10 of a gallon
Low flow indicator for flow rates down to almost drop by drop
Odometer type totalizer to 9,999,999 gallons on our small meters
Frost Resistant Bronze Body - forged for strength and pinhole avoidance
Sealed Regulator port - preset for accuracy at factory
Each meter marked with year of manufacture and serial number
Integral Strainer in register chamber
Flow Rates in accordance with US Industry Standards and AWWA C708
All sizes fit standard meter couplings or flanges
Can be installed horizontally or vertically

Lowest Cost Installed  All of our DLJ multi-jets come with the male NPT couplings, so there are no hidden charges when you place your order.

DLJ50:  5/8" x 1/2"   $72.95
DLJ75:  5/8" x 3/4"   $78.95
DLJ7575:  3/4" x 3/4"   $117.95
DLJ100:  1"    $155.95
DLJ150:  1 1/2"  $348.95
DLJ200:  2"  $448.95

All meters are available registering in US Gallons, except for the DLJ7575 which you can order in US Gallons or Cubic Feet.


Same Day Shipping  We pride ourselves in our ability to fill our customer's orders and get them shipped out same day. If you place your order by 2pm Eastern Time and the item is in stock, it will ship that day.

Our UPS ground charges for the DLJ50 - 100 are $14 for the first meter, $5 each additional. The UPS ground charges for the DLJ 150 and DLJ 200 are $22 for the first meter, $9 each additional.

Our shipping costs have increased slightly due to the rising costs of transportation and the unstable fuel markets.


DLJ 50 - 100 - 1/2" to 1" (136k, PDF)
DLJ 150 - 200 - 1 1/2" to 2" (93k, PDF)

Warranty / Installation Information
Submetering Information

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Options The DLJ line of multi-jets are available with dry contact (reed) pulse outputs. This enables them to be tied to a remote LCD or a PLC for data collection and consumption analysis. The pulse rates are standardized by meter size and specifications can be found on the meter spec sheets.

Hot water models
good to 194 degrees are also available with and without pulse outputs.

If installation is tight, try our DLJSJ single jet water meters.

If you have higher flow rates or larger line sizes, try our DLJ Turbine Water Meters, available from 2" - 20"

Water Meter Reading Charts

Click Here For A 1/2" - 1" Reading Chart

Click Here For An 1 1/2" - 2"  Reading Chart

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watermeters.com  the first and still the best online source for water meters

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