Kent / ABB Cold Water Meters
Kent / ABB C-700 Positive Displacement Water Meters
The Kent / ABB C700 oscillating piston type water meters are the most advanced design positive displacement meters available. The complete family of top-performing C700 meters, sizes 5/8" to 2", can be offered with a variety of registers and material configurations.

Kent / ABB T-3000 Turbine Water Meters
The Kent / ABB T3000 is a high velocity Class II Turbine Meter exceeding AWWA Standard C-701.  Performance and simplicity are incorporated into the T3000 design.  The T3000's throated inlet increases low flow sensitivity, assuring high accuracy with low pressure loss.  This design also provides space between the rotor and chamber wall to allow passage of the suspended solids commonly seen in large meter installations.  For higher accuracy, in-line straightening vanes reduce turbulence.  The T3000's undergear assembly reduces the speed of the driving magnet, preventing magnetic breakaway during acceleration, maximizing usage registration.  The T3000 design is modular, facilitating maintenance by allowing replacement of the measuring element without removing the meter from service.   High quality materials, including a tungsten carbide rotor shaft, PTFE (Teflon) radial bearings, ceramic jewel thrust bearings and stainless steel body trim, combine to maximize service life. Available in bronze from 1 1/2 - 8" with various pulser and register options.
Kent / ABB C-3000 Compound Water Meters
Unparalleled accuracy in measuring a wide range of flows. The C-3000 compound meter combines all the great features of the T-3000 turbine meters and C-700 piston meters to form a true high performance Class II meter.

The COMBO meter is designed for the highest possible metering accuracy in installations where externally large variations in flow are typical such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and other installations where flow demands vary from a few drops to large peak-hour demands. 
The C-3000 Saves Money. Because the COMBO is lighter and less bulky, it does not require special equipment and additional labor to install. All C-3000 parts and subassemblies are completely interchangeable with the T-3000 turbine meter and the C-700 positive displacement meter, thereby eliminating dual inventory and cutting maintenance costs. 

 The C-3000 features a unique changeover valve. This spring loaded poppet style valve functions on differential pressure, and is a positive action valve, which means that it is fully opened or fully closed at all times. This superior design assures the highest accuracy (100% ± 1/2%) and eliminates the loss of revenue at changeover which is common with weighted check valves.

2" specs 8" specs

Kent / ABB H-3200 Fire Hydrant Water Meters
The H-3200 Fire Hydrant Meter is ready to deliver high performance, high revenue capabilities and convenience. 

 The rugged H-3200 fire hydrant meter is a high performance Class II turbine meter ideal for temporary metering of well pumping, irrigation, construction, testing and other similar nonpermanent applications.   

 The H-3200 has a standard flow restrictor plate, which limits maximum output to 400 gpm to protect the meter from overspeeding. Or you may select the optional internal check valve, installed in place of the restrictor plate, that serves as a flow suppression device as well as a nonreturn valve and adds no weight or length to the meter. Another option is a gate valve which allows the operator to regulate the flow from the hydrant. 

 Light weight & easy to handle. The light weight aluminum body is fitted with inlet and outlet 2 1/2" NST national fire standard hose couplings, with a removable delrin plastic screen in the inlet coupling to prevent rotor damage from large particles. Convenient removable steel carrying handles act as a "roll bar" to protect the register and can easily be replaced. 

The H-3200 is built tough to withstand rough usage. One of the many advantages is the interchangeable parts and subassemblies used in the  T-3000 turbine meter and C-3000 compound meter, guaranteeing spare parts availability and low maintenance costs. 


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